The Greedy Bitch Bank prides itself on our unique SERVICES

Sometimes extraordinary measures are called upon.  This is rare;  most are only too willing…

We pride ourselves on our special blend of services.  You will be hard-pressed to find any other bank or financial domination institute offering such a wide array of methods by which to fleece you of your hard- earned money. You can now relax knowing you at last are in good greedy hands


Portfolio of Bank Services (how we get your money)

  • Phone Consultation – Ms. London, CEO and Head Bitch – one on one.
  • Drive-through Deposits – fun and quick deposits with a click of your mouse
  • Pay Per View – a constant flow of ppv emails personalized to your responses
  • Assisting you in the disbursement of your assets
  • Teaching Productive Masturbation
  • Unlicensed Financial Therapy
  • Depositor Cash extraction/Enslavement opportunities
  • Hypnosis sessions to eliminate analytical reasoning
  • Negotiating Contracts and Agreements
  • Conferencing your Future Demise
  • Stiffing you through the Greedy Bitch Bank Stiff Exchange
  • MP3s to capture your mind – available in the Goodies Section
  • Blogs to show coded photos to encourage certain desires
  • Determining eligibility for your Candidacy for Financial Abuse
  • Unrivaled Seductive Teasing with Brainwashing
  • Helping you see the many ways you can feel useful and valued
  • Subjective Profiling – the Loser/Wanker/Sucker/ATM/Money slave
  • Deposit Boxes held for your private confessions
  • A printed Certificate acknowledging you as a Certifiable Loser
  • VIP Lounge – for our dedicated depositors – updates, comings and goings at the Bank and get to know the CE0., Ms Londoncalling aka the nicest Greedy Bitch around

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